The cause of back pain is often unknown

This can help

Cathy’s approach to pain management is different.

It identifies the missing factors of chronic pain and

creates the road map to recovery.


Pain statistics from the 2014 NIH Task Force:

Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million adults in the US with the cost of $635 billion annually.

Each year low back pain is estimated to affect 38 percent of people worldwide


NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Low Back Pain Fact Sheet:

In 2010 LBP became the 3rd most burdensome condition in the US in terms of mortality or poor health.

Only ischemic heart disease heart disease and COPD rank higher than back pain in terms of mortality or poor health.


Cathy is a Physical Therapist and Consultant specializing in chronic pain management. She helps people learn how, through a physical therapist’s active listening and deep understanding of the body’s mechanics, it is possible to identify “what’s been missing.”

Cathy has developed a set of tools to help others learn this approach to identify the cause of back pain and create a plan that makes sense.

  • The Book: For therapists and patients to use together
  • The Videos (education and training): Website subscription $10 a month
  • The Consult: Hire Cathy to consult with your group
  • The Measurement Chart: obtain copyright permission for personal or profession use

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